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Hello everyone! Welcome back to my journey in jujtisu and mma. It has been a little while and with some time off for a small injury I am back and happy to be typing and rolling once again!


One of the first terms I got used when I started my training at the Jungle was 'Adopt a white belt" which at the time I didnt really understand.

Granted, once I started really going on a regular basis I quickly picked up on what was happening.

A higher belt, or really even another whitebelt with a lot of experience can lend their knowledge (whatever that may be) to someone knew or less versed.

More often than not you will see the higher belts just helping the new member by asking the instructing coach for some one-v-one instruction. Because asking for help can be very hard for someone.

Well it was finally my turn this week to adopt a whitebelt. I found a young man who let me know he has been working on his MMA for a while, but not very good with his BJJ skills.

We worked on some of the drills of the day and practiced some arm locks. The best part was when it came time for us to go live. I found out rather quickly that the young man was great from guard but could not find a way to win.

That's not to say that my defense is something amazing, I am just learning too. But I talked to him after our round ended and side, "Don't forgot about your legs!" He had proper mount and control but wasn't move his legs up to try and find an armbar or gaining further control.

It was a simple thing, but something that he found to be very useful. We are a team, when my teammates excel I excel! So it’s always a great idea to help out whatever you can.

“Learning. Growing. Achieving.”

Ric Susman


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