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  • Size is good. Strength is better. But technique is best.

    Size, Strength, Technique: As I have progressed in my BJJ journey, that one constant I have had was my power. I am almost always one of the 5 biggest guys on the mat. Often I am the biggest team member on the mats. This week was no different. But I was able to impart a small amount of knowledge onto a couple of newer/smaller members. "Size is good. Strength is better. But technique is best." Was the mantra I was reciting to anyone who would listen. I can pick up anyone at the gym and carry them, some longer than others. But Coach Mike can pin me to the mat with his knee and then conduct class and I won't be able to get free. Now I outweigh Coach Mike by a minimum of 50 pounds ....

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  • A week off

    Hello everyone! As I am sure you noticed there was no new blog last week. This was for one simple reason, I took the week off. But I wasn't on vacation or even doing anything fun. Very much the opposite. I took a week off to heal up. This is something that is almost unheard of in the BJJ lifestyle, but something that needs to be normalized. When I train with my Teammates at the Jungle, we often discuss various pains and injuries. More often than not they are talked about with a level a levity. At no point however is anyone judge for missing time to heal. Healing is as much a part of training as learning how to gable grip. It comes with the territory and will eventually get all of ....

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  • Trust

    If "adopt a white belt" is the most overheard statement at The Jungle MMA, then the most most unheard motto is "trust each other." Like so many other things in life, the trust and bond between teammates has to be unbreakable. If you want to be a good training partner, you have to be able to be trusted implicitly. However, you also need to trust someone even more than you Coach, Teammate, or the person you're sparring with at that moment. You have to trust in yourself. You have to be able to listen to your body and trust what you are thinking. We recently held our "endless no-gi rolls" and I was able to be a great partner for 8 rounds. But I knew that was my limit because I ....

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  • Adopt a white belt.

    Hello everyone! Welcome back to my journey in jujtisu and mma. It has been a little while and with some time off for a small injury I am back and happy to be typing and rolling once again! One of the first terms I got used when I started my training at the Jungle was 'Adopt a white belt" which at the time I didnt really understand. Granted, once I started really going on a regular basis I quickly picked up on what was happening. A higher belt, or really even another whitebelt with a lot of experience can lend their knowledge (whatever that may be) to someone knew or less versed. More often than not you will see the higher belts just helping the new member by asking the ....

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  • Cardio. Make sure you have cardio.

    Cardio. Make sure you have cardio. Once a month Team Jungle forgoes the traditional nightly BJJ class and cuts loose for an hour and just “rolls” with each other (“Rolls/rolling” would also be known as sparring, if you are not familiar with the specific term). Well this week was that appointed time again. Monday, the Team went for 2 hours straight of just NoGi rolls. These mini events are always an excellent chance to test your skill level with lots of different team members of various ability. Everyone always walks away having learned something new or at least having an absolute blast! On an average night we only get 2 or 3 rolls in at the end of a class. ....

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  • Well you’re not going to get better if you stop going...

    Well you’re not going to get better if you stop going... Welcome back everyone! Thank you so much for joining me again as I continue my journey in learning MMA. Lately I’ve been having trouble with Gi training. If you’re not familiar there are two types of Brazilian Jujitsu classes that newbies myself (and perhaps yourself) would recognize. There is “NoGi” which closely represents what you see during most UFC and other professional fighting league events. Then there is “Gi” training which is more traditional, where you’re wearing a full uniform of sorts. When I first began my journey I would train exclusively NoGi. It was easier for ....

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  • Open House and Belt Promotions!

    Make sure to follow Coach Jasper and his channel: Enjoy this great video of our recent Open House and Brown and Black Belt promotion: ....

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  • New Blog Post

    New Blog Post

    A journal can be a journey in it of itself. Welcome to my journey everyone. My name is Ric and I am here to welcome you to my life training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at The Jungle MMA and Fitness. I have been training at The Jungle for a couple of years now but my first day in the gym literally changed my whole life. Cliche I know, but no less true. In fact, my first day at the gym I felt I was just fulfilling an obligation to Coach Mike Lee who had asked me to just come visit once for weeks. After a lot of me trying to avoid it, I finally took him up on his kind offer. As it turns out, I should have taken him up on that offer a lot sooner. My first visit honestly went terribly. Well ....

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