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Size is good. Strength is better. But technique is best.

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Size, Strength, Technique:


As I have progressed in my BJJ journey, that one constant I have had was my power. I am almost always one of the 5 biggest guys on the mat. Often I am the biggest team member on the mats.

This week was no different. But I was able to impart a small amount of knowledge onto a couple of newer/smaller members.

"Size is good. Strength is better. But technique is best." Was the mantra I was reciting to anyone who would listen. I can pick up anyone at the gym and carry them, some longer than others.

But Coach Mike can pin me to the mat with his knee and then conduct class and I won't be able to get free. Now I outweigh Coach Mike by a minimum of 50 pounds (it's likely more, and it used to be a lot more but I've dropped some weight), but this means nothing because Coach Mike has mastered technique.

Some of my favorite sparring partners are much smaller than me but teach me so much. Little Gorilla Coach Jenny, has made it her mission to roll with me at least once a week so she can teach me by showing. She was one of the first higher belts to take me under her wing and show me some amazing techniques.

Being almost 100lbs heavier than your opponent is great in a scrap. But if they have any sense of technique, you are going to lose. It happens to me every week. My size helps, but only so far. Not strength helps, but only so far.

Once I get a technique that matches my size and my strength, well I might be able to get Coach Mike's attention...but that's a long way off.

“Learning. Growing. Achieving.”

Ric Susman


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