Cardio. Make sure you have cardio.

Cardio. Make sure you have cardio.


Once a month Team Jungle forgoes the traditional nightly BJJ class and cuts loose for an hour and just “rolls” with each other (“Rolls/rolling” would also be known as sparring, if you are not familiar with the specific term).

Well this week was that appointed time again. Monday, the Team went for 2 hours straight of just NoGi rolls. These mini events are always an excellent chance to test your skill level with lots of different team members of various ability. Everyone always walks away having learned something new or at least having an absolute blast!

On an average night we only get 2 or 3 rolls in at the end of a class. But on these special days, I personally can do 4 rolls straight to start.

Then fatigue sets in.

The one thing that every MMA practitioner learns very quickly, is that cardio is KING. Every coach I have had the honor of learning from at the Jungle, to the person, has echoed the need for cardio. Of course it’s not hard to imagine why, without your lungs taking in oxygen your muscles aren’t going to be doing much.

More so, in my time training I’ve noticed that some of the higher belts (Blue belts and above), have incredible cardio and a great control of their breathing. You’ll often hear jokes directed at some of our more seasoned teammates that they “can start sweating anytime.”

Being able to control ones cardio so well is a sign that you’ve made some incredible strides. So far I’ve noticed an improvement over my days as a whitebelt, but I have a long road to go.

Often I’ll remind new BJJ teammates that slowing down is so important, now if only I could take my own advice!

Please join me on my continued journey in BJJ and MMA, as I update this blog with the classes and events that happen here at the best home away from home I have ever known. The Jungle!

“Learning. Growing. Achieving.”

Ric Susman


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