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Well you’re not going to get better if you stop going...

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Well you’re not going to get better if you stop going...


Welcome back everyone! Thank you so much for joining me again as I continue my journey in learning MMA.

Lately I’ve been having trouble with Gi training. If you’re not familiar there are two types of Brazilian Jujitsu classes that newbies myself (and perhaps yourself) would recognize. There is “NoGi” which closely represents what you see during most UFC and other professional fighting league events. Then there is “Gi” training which is more traditional, where you’re wearing a full uniform of sorts.

When I first began my journey I would train exclusively NoGi. It was easier for me as an amateur with no background in fight sports to understand. You see in many situations NoGi allows me to use my weight and size to my advantage. When you start Gi training you realize how much technique you truly need to accomplish your goals.

Because of my somewhat pessimistic nature, and since you are always your biggest critic, I felt that I was falling behind in my Gi training. I went into this weeks “X guard training classes” lower than I had felt in sometime. But as luck would have it, I train at the Jungle.

While warming up with some of the higher belts I was expressing my displeasure with Gi training. When one of my teammates spoke up, “Well you can’t give up.”

I asked in a semi-joking manner, “Why not?”

“Well,” he replied, “If you aren’t going to get any better if you stop training.”

I nodded. That’s the attitude you need to have.

Yes, sometimes training can get you down, but training isn’t a sprint, it’s much more of a marathon. One day you will feel like you can’t do anything right, then the next moment you’ll pull of a perfect back take and won’t even notice until someone tells you. Leaning on my teammates in those moments of self doubt always make me feel better, it will for you too.

Please join me on my continued journey in BJJ and MMA, as I update this blog with the classes and events that happen here at the best home away from home I have ever known. The Jungle!

“Learning. Growing. Achieving.

Ric Susman


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